Exterior Glass

3/16 Inch Thick Glass to Half Inch Glass:

One of the thicker glasses, this glass is great for shelving and is normally set aside for high-end applications. Perhaps the best part about this glass is that since it’s a thicker glass, it has the ability to support more weight.

Insulated Glass:

Insulated glass is used to drastically reduce the energy that goes through a glass pane. And if solar energy is what you’re looking for, insulated glass is a great option to combine with solar control glass types, providing you with enhanced solar performance. Insulated glass also makes it easier to control or keep your room temperature at a comfortable level, regardless of the weather outside, or the season: winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Laminated Glass:

When it comes to safety, laminated glass is one of the best. Laminated glass is a special type of glass that holds together when shattered. The inter layers within laminated glass provides a strong bond, preventing the glass from breaking into large pieces when it’s broken.

Laminated-Insulated Glass:

This glass provides ultimate flexibility when it comes to design with hundreds of options and combinations that can be paired with tinted glass. This unique glass is usually used for skylights and a variety of other overhead glazing applications.

Spandrel Glass:

If your end goal is to hide features between the floors of a building, spandrel glass is a great option. Using this glass helps to hide vents, wires, and mechanical equipment due to the fact that it has the ability to blend in with other parts of a building facade.

Insulated Spandrel Glass:

This glass provides you with a glazing option for all curtain wall, spandrel and window applications. This glass provides you with a low cost option for your unique project.

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