Interior Glass

Patterned Glass:

With dozens of different styles, patterned glass gives you a wide range of options when it comes to bathroom enclosures, doors, floor panels, glass displays, wall covering, shelving units, and more.

Shower Doors:

Adding spice to a room can easily be accomplished with the right shower door. Shower doors come in a wide range of beautiful designs and have the ability to provide the perfect complement to any space. Shower doors can bring everything together, regardless of the shape, or how big or small the space you’re working with is.

Heavy Glass Doors/Glass Entry Systems:

Routinely used as part of a glass wall system, our heavy glass doors/glass entry systems, we expertly design, fabricate, and install with a wide range of glass options.

Laminated Glass With or Without Specialty Inserts:

Regardless of whether you’re in need of glass door inserts for the front entry or interior glass inserts, we have a variety of options for making the entry into your home, office, or any structure come alive. There’s virtually no limit to what you can do, regardless of whether your project is done with or without specialty inserts.

Back Painted Glass:

Traditionally used for architectural spandrel glass, this clear glass that’s painted from the back side and seen from the front side, choosing this glass empowers you with a solid alternative to tiles and laminates.

Custom Sandblasted Glass:

Are you looking for a glass of distinction? Well, this glass is for you. There’s literally no end to the possibilities. It’s essentially like taking an artist’s pencil or pen and drawing on glass for a totally unique design.

Plate Grooves:

Usually set aside for China cabinets and Cutio cabinets, plate grooves give you the ability to place your decorative plates and platters without worrying if they’ll slip or slide, causing an unwanted break. Our plate grooves are all about providing stability.

Glass Printing Commercial & Residential:

Whether your project is small or large, with our Dip-Tech Glass Printing Machine we can make your dreams a realization. Take a family photo or desired pattern and permanently print it on any of our flat glasses for windows, partitions, or home décor. With our ability to custom design we can place virtually anything on your glass. Dip-Tech is the way of the future for inexpensive and stunning glass design. Click the link below to enter the gallery where we have some beautiful examples of what this machine can do. All that’s left is to call us and make your dreams a reality.


16 Unique Sandblasted Pattern Glass:

Uniqueness is what you get when you select our 16 sandblasted pattern glass. You’ll have a wide range of options and flexibility when it comes to specialty glass patterns and sizes.

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